My Fitness Secrets 10/4

TODAY’S WORKOUT:  It comes from page 105 in the August 2009 issue of Oxygen magazine (buy it at your grocery store, fall in love with it, then go subscribe).  I call it “50 minute hills”.  It looks like this:


Time                      Speed                   Incline                  (if your treadmill counts down instead of up)

0-5                          3.0                          0                              50-45

5-7                          3.2                          2                              45-43

7-9                          3.3                          4                              43-41

9-11                       3.3                          6                              41-49

11-13                     3.3                          8                              39-37

13-15                     3.0                          10                           37-35

15-17                     3.0                          12                           35-33

17-21                     3.0                          15                           33-29

21-25                     3.0                          12                           29-25

25-30                     3.0                          10                           25-20

30-35                     3.3                          7                              20-15

35-40                     3.3                          5                              15-10

40-45                     3.3                          3                              10-5

45-50                     2.5                          0                              5-0

This is a great “steady state” cardio workout that uses the incline of the treadmill, as opposed to speed, to push your cardio.  Since my current lifting scheme is only 3 days a week for the next few weeks, I am adding more cardio on my off days from lifting in order to get the burn (of calories).  The incline will also challenge your glutes, hamstrings, and quads without having to do actual lifting

When you start this workout, particularly in the first 7 minutes you may think to yourself “This is too easy!  I’m going to jack up the speed.  I’m walking too slowly; this is going to be a waste of 50 minutes.”  Don’t fool yourself.  It’ll get more difficult.  TRUST me!

TODAY’S TIP:  When you begin a treadmill work out, be sure to start by standing on the side/the rails and not on the belt.  Let the treadmill begin to pick up a little speed and then start to walk/jog on it.  This is a safety and a maintenance issue.  Next, nothing annoys me more than seeing some chick in a gym that gets on the treadmill, immediately cranks up the incline to 15, and proceeds to do her entire workout while hanging onto the treadmill.  Why bother with the incline if you’re going to cheat yourself out of the challenge?  In other words, do not hang on to the handrails or the top!  Don’t get lazy on me, people!  Instead, imagine as if you are holding walking sticks (think: ski poles) and with each step move your hands as if to use the walking sticks to help.  Keep good posture but lower your center of gravity and lean forward.  Yes, it is difficult but you’re strong enough to do it.  And the bonus for you?  You’re toning your butt and legs by using the incline – without wearing those stupid ShapeUp shoes (that are a complete waste of money, imo)!

TODAY’S RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION:  Fooducate – it is a free app, fun, and will teach you about the things you’re eating.

TODAY’S HAPPY THOUGHT:   I have a cheat meal planned for this weekend.  It’s Skyline.  YUM!

What are you going to do today to get closer to your fitness goals?  Comment on this note or drop me a line!  Here’s to good health!  -Michelle

If you are interested in weight loss or exercise, you need to consult your physician.  Period.  End of story.  Don’t be afraid to enlist their help.  After all, you’re PAYING them to help keep you healthy, right?  Your MD is a great resource to get you started and be your biggest cheerleader along the way.