Nah bro, it’s not luck

Usual day at work today. I had meeting after meeting after meeting. I don’t mind; honestly. I like it when my opinions and ideas matter. I like it when people ask what I think. I like being responsible and accountable for work getting done. It’s my favorite time of the year too. It’s “performance appraisal” season; meaning that I get to tell all the peeps who work with me how great they are at their jobs. Yeah, I can see that for some people at other companies where it might not be great. All of my peeps are awesome; not a bum on the roster.

That takes me to one particular conversation I had earlier today. One of my direct reports that I’ve been meeting with regularly about how things are going and he said how lucky I am to have lost this weight and how lucky I am to be getting fit. I had to remind him that it has nothing to do with luck! It’s about deciding to make better choices and being committed to doing the work and the discipline to do it day after day! Once you get to that point anyone can do it!

Believe me, friends, if I can do it… SO CAN YOU!

  • Decide to make good choices
  • Commit to do the work
  • Discipline yourself to do it every day!

You’ll get there.

Down 130 lbs from Jan 7 2023; about 40 to go!

I couldn’t have done it without her! <3