In the interest of full disclosure:

Dear Friends:

Having looked back through my little blog here it seems that I have done a really nice job of publishing my accomplishments and proud moments.  I have done this hoping to inspire and motivate people to see what is possible and that you can do seemingly impossible things.  There is, however, another side of the story.  I have failed over and over again.  Overall, I seem to be winning the war; but I have lost many mini-battles.  I have missed many mini-goals that I have set for myself.  Yes, I’ve been successful so far.  Yes, I am very proud of how far I have come.  But please, please, please remember that its not all WINNING. Its overcoming a lot of losing and disappointment as well.  Be prepared for that.

In fact, I am fully expecting to miss a goal that I set for myself.  If you recall, a month ago I told you about a contest where Michelle and I are racing to “Healthy BMI”.  Our first checkpoint is next Friday.  It looks like I’m going to be behind!  I’m trying to stay positive that I still have plenty of time to get there; but I am really disappointed that it doesn’t look like I will hit it.  Well, I probably *could* hit it; but I don’t want to starve or kill myself just to hit an arbitrary number.  I want to do it the right way!

At any rate, keep at it my friends. You won’t hit every goal and you won’t win every contest.  Just keep an eye on the prize: Long term healthy lifestyle changes and you will get there!


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